The Wholesale Advantage: How Bellisima Sleep Provides Exceptional Value

The Wholesale Advantage: How Bellisima Sleep Provides Exceptional Value

In the mattress industry, the term 'wholesale' often evokes images of low-quality, bulk-produced mattresses with minimal focus on the customer's comfort or well-being. At Bellisima Sleep, we're turning that notion on its head. While we already offer near-wholesale pricing to individual customers, we're also thrilled to extend even greater discounts to local furniture stores looking to make bulk purchases. And the best part? We do all of this without compromising on the quality that Bellisima Sleep is known for.

High-Quality, Texas-Made Mattresses

When you buy a Bellisima Sleep mattress, whether for personal use or resale, you're not just purchasing a mattress; you're investing in a high-quality sleep experience. Crafted in our local Texas manufacturing facility, every mattress we create meets stringent quality standards. Made with premium materials, each product is designed for durability and comfort. Our local approach also allows us to provide prompt delivery services within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and extend our reach to Austin and San Antonio.

Wholesale and Bulk Pricing Options

One of the ways we can afford to provide such high-quality products at incredible prices is through our wholesale program. Furniture stores and other bulk buyers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as Austin and San Antonio, can take advantage of our generous discounts. When you order in bulk from Bellisima Sleep, you're getting top-quality mattresses at a fraction of the typical retail price.

The Convenience of Local Delivery

Logistics can often be a significant hindrance for bulk buyers, but that's not the case with Bellisima Sleep. Our local manufacturing and delivery services streamline the entire process. We provide swift, reliable delivery throughout North and Central Texas. When you place a bulk order with us, you won't have to worry about long shipping times or complicated logistics. We take care of all that for you, so you can focus on what matters most—serving your customers.

The Bellisima Commitment to Value

Our approach to wholesale pricing doesn't just apply to bulk orders for furniture stores; we offer incredibly competitive pricing for individual customers as well. How do we do this? By cutting out unnecessary expenses like extravagant showrooms and middlemen, we can pass those savings directly to you. At Bellisima Sleep, value is not just a marketing term; it's our core business philosophy.

In conclusion, whether you're an individual in search of the perfect mattress or a furniture store owner looking to provide exceptional value to your customers, Bellisima Sleep has a solution for you. Experience the Bellisima advantage today and discover luxury sleep at unbeatable prices.

Choose Bellisima Sleep, where high-quality meets affordability, and your best night’s sleep is just a click or a bulk order away.

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Bellisima Sleep Cool-Touch 13.5" Hybrid Mattress
Bellisima Sleep Cool-Touch 13.5" Hybrid Mattress
Bellisima Sleep Cool-Touch 13.5" Hybrid Mattress
Bellisima Sleep Cool-Touch 13.5" Hybrid Mattress

Bellisima Sleep Cool-Touch 13.5" Hybrid Mattress

Regular price$689.00

Introducing the ultimate sleeping experience - our hybrid mattress boasts an impressive combination of cooling fabric and individually wrapped pocketed coils that help to regulate your body temperature throughout the night. The 2" layer of gel-infused memory foam conforms to your unique shape and provides unbeatable comfort and support. Additionally, the foam encased edge support system accommodates all sleeping positions and provides edge-to-edge support.

With a thickness of 13.5", our hybrid mattress is perfect for people searching for the perfect level of comfort. Upgrade your sleep today!

Product Specifications:
  • Thickness: 13.5"

  • Quilting: Multi-needle, Continuous Quilting

  • Premium Grade Cool-Tex Stretch Knit Ticking

  • 2" Gel Infused Memory Foam Sealed in Pillow top with 2" Foam Enclosing Innerspring with Edge Support. 
  • Edge Support: 360 Degree Foam Encased Edge Support System. Four sides of 3" Edge Casing.

  • Innerspring: 8" Individually Pocketed Coil Unit

  • Safety: Fire-retardant fiber woven into top panel and border

  • Comfort: Conforming/Medium Softness